Tailor-made plans for every use case

Pay for phone verification in alignment with your success.

Free plan





The perfect feature set for early-stage startups that value security and protection from fraud.

Up to 1,000 free verifications per month.
Multi-platform SDK.
Customizable UI to match your branding.
Includes Veriph.One brand badge.
No credit card required.
Money-saver plan





Pay only for successful verifications—the perfect plan for low-volume use cases like Fintech KYC and onboarding. Keep your CAC predictable and under control.

Multi-method verification.
Global coverage.
Fully customizable UI.
Integration and operation support.
Volume discounts available.
Growth plan





Unlimited monthly verifications per number–a plan made in heaven for high-security applications like banking and sensitive software. Pay a fixed fee for every monthly active user (tracked via phone number).

All features from the money-saver plan.
Priority customer support.
SLA commitments.
Performance reports.
Custom phone numbers.
Custom WhatsApp account.

Prices are shown in USD and include taxes (VAT).

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Free plan
$0.00 USD
$15.00 USD
Money-saver plan
$0.045 USD
$45.00 USD
Growth plan
$1.50 USD
$95.00 USD
Base features
Billing basis
Successful verifications *
Monthly active users **
Available verifications per month
Up to 1,000
SDK platforms available
Android, iOS & Web
Android, iOS & Web
Android, iOS & Web
Zero SMS pumping guarantee
Customizable SDK UI
Global coverage
Number of API Keys and environments
Number of dashboard users
Available methods
Inverse OTP
Inverse & Traditional*** OTP
Inverse & Traditional*** OTP
Available channels
SMS & WhatsApp
SMS & WhatsApp
SMS & WhatsApp
Further UI personalization
Customizable WhatsApp account (see table below for details)
Full customization available (see table below for details)
Removable Veriph.One badge
Supported languages
English & Spanish
Those in free plan and more on-demand ****
Those in free plan and more on-demand (priority) ****
Technical resources
Assistance during integration
Priority technical assistance
At least 99% uptime
At least 99.9% uptime
At least 99.9% uptime
Support type
Email support
Phone or video call

* A verification is considered successful when, after the user has finished interacting with it, it yields a positive result, meaning that it was possible to confirm the phone number is in the user's possession.

** A Monthly Active User (MAU) is a unique phone number (including country code) that has done at least one phone verification in the current calendar month. If someone uses two phone numbers or changes a number mid-month, we consider them two MAUs.

*** The traditional OTP method is an add-on not included in the price. See the Traditional OTP pricing table below for details on the additional costs.

**** Paying customers can request more languages to support. A growth plan gives you priority over other requests.

Want a 99.999% success rate?

Achieve it by stacking the Inverse and Traditional OTP methods on top of each other. We'll ensure only those unable to send messages go through the Traditional method. You can limit how many retries are allowed, so SMS pumping can't happen.

Price per message sent
$45.00 USD
Price per message sent
$95.00 USD
Traditional OTP Add-on
United States of America
Other countries
Account features
Sketch & figma import
Swift analysis
Focus order
Vision simulator

Prices are shown in USD and include taxes (VAT). This add-on operates under a pre-paid model, and prices can change anytime (sometimes every 4 hours). The amounts shown here are approximate; the final cost will be determined when sending a message and reported to you afterward.

UI Personalization

We understand how important it is for your brand to maintain a consistent experience across all user touchpoints, and that's why we offer additional optional features and services to meet your UI and UX requirements.

Free plan
$15.00 USD
Money-saver plan
$45.00 USD
Growth plan
$95.00 USD
Optional customization features
Verification method order selection
Company name in traditional OTPs sent
Custom WhatsApp account setup cost
Custom domain for web
$25 per month
Dedicated SMS phone number
Custom styles and UI enhancements

Prices are shown in USD and include taxes (VAT).

Frequently asked questions

What happens if my account exceeds the Free plan's monthly limits?

If your account has sufficient funds, each new verification will be deducted from your balance using the Money-saver plan's pricing.

If your account balance is insufficient, the service will throw a billing error, and your users won't be able to go through the verification flow. The service will restore itself once the next month arrives or your account gets sufficient balance.

Which payment methods are accepted?

We accept most credit and debit cards. Wire transfers are also available; however, in this case, some third-party fees could apply depending on your geography.

How do you protect my users' privacy?

Veriph.One doesn't collect any of your users' personal or sensitive information. We take privacy seriously, and our SDKs and APIs only collect anonymous data points on how the service is used, including metadata on the user agent and actions taken during the verification flow.

How does billing work?

We operate under a pre-payment model. You can add funds to your account via your credit or debit card whenever you want to use one of our paid plans. Depending on your selected plan, we'll deduct the necessary funds from your account each time a successful verification happens (Money-saver plan), a unique phone does its first verification of the month (Growth plan), a traditional OTP is sent (Traditional OTP Add-on), you acquire one-time services or a recurrent fee is applied to your account.

We'll notify you via email each time your balance is close to depletion.

Do you generate invoices?

Yes, you'll receive one every time you add funds to your account.

How do cancellations work?

You can cancel a paid plan anytime if your account doesn't have overdue payments.

Do you offer refunds?

We can refund you if your account meets the following criteria:

  • You have no overdue payments.
  • You have a positive balance of over USD 50.
  • All your API Keys are inactive or deleted.
  • Your account isn't banned or linked to behaviors that can be considered fraudulent, illegal, or conflicting with our terms of service.
  • Your account didn't start a chargeback claim with a credit or debit card issuer.
Do you offer post-paid billing?

Yes, to high-volume companies that meet specific criteria. Please get in touch if you are interested in this model.

Note: this doesn't include the traditional OTP add-on.

How do pending and overdue payments work?

If your account's balance goes below zero, your account will enter the Pending Payment status. When that happens, you'll receive an email notification from us and have 14 natural days to make the payment.

If you fail to pay the outstanding balance within 14 days, you will pay a late fee of the lesser of 1.5% per month or the maximum amount allowable by law and Veriph.One will suspend all services to your account until the balance and fees are paid in full. You are prohibited from creating new accounts until the overdue payments are paid in full.

Note: Chargeback disputes and payments that don't go through can take your pre-paid account's balance below zero.

See our Terms and Conditions for more details on this topic.